Standard Screening PackageS

Organizations, Groups & Churches

Not intended for major conference events or auditorium settings but for parish and organizational use only. Please contact us with questions.

All amounts are in U.S. Dollars.

Single Showing

One-time use license.


Perpetual License

Perpetual license (as many showings as desired for single location, forever).


1 Year Unlimited License

One year license with unlimited showings at licensee’s primary location.


Ordering Information

For more information on ordering one of our packages, please contact us by email:

[email protected]

Additional Details

1. The Single Showing is limited to one use only. It immediately expires at the conclusion of your event and is non-renewable.

2. The One Year Unlimited license is valid for one year of unlimited showings at licensee’s venue from the date of the first showing. Licensee must renew their site license by contacting Carmel Communications once the initial 1 year has expired.

3. Perpetual License is valid for one site only. It is valid for unlimited showings at licensee’s venue in perpetuity.

4. The Unplanned film cannot be broadcast for any reason on any television station or other media outlet; nor can the film be recorded using any electronic media including flash photography cameras, smart phones or any form of video recorders.

5. All licenses are valid for parish, school or organization only and cannot be used by any other entity. If any other parish, school or organization wishes to show the Unplanned film, they must contact Carmel Communications to purchase their own Unplanned Screening Package and License. The only exception is if the Perpetual License is purchased.

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