Host or Attend a Screening of “Unplanned”

Churches all over North America are using this powerful film to reach out to fellow parishioners and to their entire community to change hearts and minds and to save lives and souls.

From showing “Unplanned” to your RCIA class to inviting the whole community to your church, a group screening is a moving experience that we highly recommend.

Screen the Film at Your Parish

Resources for Your Event

Churches are using the DVD in a variety of ways, including:

Giving them away to various groups within the parish, such as the RCIA and adult formation classes, or providing them to the entire parish.
Providing them for sale. This is particularly effective if used in conjunction with a screening. Inevitably, after seeing such an impactful film, it is a perfect time to have the DVDs available for attendees to purchase to have their own copy to watch again or to give away to their family and friends.
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